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α-phe Platform

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α-phe Platform

A modern, comprehensive Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) platform that can be deployed at lightning speed.

The main objective of α-Phe AIMS is to provide the best asset integrity software system, customized to meet the company’s AIMS requirements and unique to them.

Main features:

  • A single system for all upstream and downstream assets, providing common understanding across all businesses
  • The α-Phe AIMS software system is holistic in approach using next-generation technology
  • Significantly reduce costs associated with maintaining fragmented systems
  • A complete system with asset integrity solution for each class of assets and associated equipment
  • AIMS methodologies and assessment routines built on the latest codes, standards, industry guidelines and best practices, including ISO 55000
  • Improve work processes to achieve optimal work efficiency
  • Improve communication between departments
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating duplication of work.

The main benefit of the α-Phe AIMS is to ensure that an asset will perform its necessary functions effectively and efficiently, maintaining the asset’s value and protecting people, the environment and the company’s reputation. It should define the people, systems, processes, and resources that are required to maintain the asset’s integrity and to ensure that they are in place, used ​​correctly, and function when needed throughout the asset’s lifecycle.